Mr. Om Rajbhandary, best recognized as a true iconic and exceptional entrepreneurs of Nepal is currently working as an Executive Chairman of Brihat Group. Mr. Rajbhandary has accomplished many milestones in his lifetime. Today, he stands as an exemplary figure to many aspiring entrepreneurs. Despite his outstanding achievements, he remains one of the humblest personalities around. Many of us out there must have read and heard a lot about his professional journey, but many might not know what an unfathomable charm he holds. Some people are born leaders, and Mr. Rajbhandary is one such prominent examples of that school of thought. Although he started out as a Medical Representative of a pharmaceutical company, he made a quick jump in his profession. Visionary from the start, he always had aspired to be his own boss and so did he, that too with the most efficiency.

He can inspire a person in many ways. Always an enthusiast, Mr. Rajbhandary spends a lot of his time not only developing others, but also developing himself. He never stops learning. It is said that “leaders are readers” and he lives upto that expression largely. Extremely motivated and passionate Mr. Rajbhandary has a strong command over any subject matters he advocates on. Only rarely, people disagrees to what he offers to the floor. Like any of us, he also has 24 hrs in a day, but he makes use of every single minute of it.

With great success, comes great responsibility and he has never missed a single one of it. The responsibility as a Chairman is not easy as it seems but he’s deliver the best he can to justify his duties. Sometimes, it’s astounding even to watch how he does what he does. Speaking of his additional work commitments, he’s involved with many organizations and yet he manages to reach out for each one of them.  His contributions has been largely significant. He’s not only derived respect for the designation he holds in each of these organizations, but he’s respected for the kinds of outputs he delivers in such conferences.

Many a times, when a person succeeds in professional career, we’ve heard them failing in personal front. But it’s pretty amazing how he has hold together both. Even after the most success, he remains the same loving husband and an affectionate father for his family. From being an exceptional entrepreneur to being an exemplary role model, he’s had it all and he still thrives for more and more. His hunger for passion, his hunger for success never appear to diminish. Everyday he’s got fresh ideas to work on, people to meet, commitments to fulfil and active social life to maintain. And even after a long tiring day, he comes back even charged the next day. He’s a true achiever and there are just many traits one can learn from him. 

Article By: Shahida Pradhan