Professional Experience / Organisation
Professional Experience / Organisation

Brihat Investments Pvt. Ltd.
Title: Executive Chairman
Date: October 2007 to Present
Mission of Brihat Investments Pvt. ltd. is transition and transformation of knowledge is the key factor universally accepted. 'Brihat Investments Pvt. ltd.,' is committed to promote 3 RE's namely, Real Estate – Investment, Real Estate – Partnering for Entrepreneurship and Real Estate – Marketing Agents.

  • BI ushers in specialized project in association with others and welcome all the interested investors for participation.
  • BI encourages entrepreneurs from different walks of life and helps them to establish their own business.
  • BI is inclined towards training and development of real estate marketing agents, encouraging ethical practices.

The Comfort Housing Pvt. Ltd.
Title: Chairman / Chief Executive Officer
          (May 2001 to June 2011)

          Chairman (July 2011 to present)
The mission of the Comfort Housing is to facilitate the development of viable urban community by providing high quality and affordable housing in a suitable and enhanced living environment.
The Comfort Housing emphasizes to develop the social infrastructures for our country and also bring transformation amongst the people, along with the true benefits of community living. The Comfort Housing has been honored with the International Quality Summit award presented by Business Initiative Directions (BID) in Gold Category. The Gala award event was held in the Conference Hall of Marriott Marquis, New York, USA on may 26, 2008. The Comfort Housing is committed to promote the Quality culture with clients, community, employees and suppliers supported by QC 100 Total Quality Management (TQM) in our country.

Comfort Care Pvt. Ltd.
Title: Chairman
Date: September 2006 to Present
The mission of Comfort Care is to provide various services to enhance the quality of living for Nepali people. Comfort Care three divisions includes: Strata Management, Service Apartment and Overseas Trading.

  • The Strata Management services is for managing and maintaining the common property and assets of the community building, commercial and office complex etc for the benefit of all its owners.
  • The Service Apartment is entirely innovative and benchmarking idea in hospitality industry.
  • The company has been engaged in importing and selling overseas products from various countries.

CE Construction Pvt. Ltd.
Title: Founding Chairman / Promoter
          (May 1993 to Jan 2008)

          Promotor (Feb 2008 to Present)
An entrepreneur and promoter of CE construction. One of the main executioners in uplifting of the company and introducing different marketing tools and strategies in achieving the goal of the company. Responsible for Project Marketing, Entire Administration, Human Resource Development and Procurement of the company.

Win Medicare Ltd. (WINTHROP)
Sales, Marketing, Planning and Executing Financial, Administration,
Business Promotion of Winthrop Products in Nepal

Title Date
District sales Manager - January 1990 to May 1993
Sales Coordinator - June 1989 to December 1989
Professional Sales Officer - October 1986 to June 1989
Professional Service Representative - September 1985 to October 1986